FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 26-0354205 (doing business as the Atlanta Volunteers) is a sports nonprofit that also has a large community engagement.

Our focus is providing a future for people with special needs.

The Atlanta Volunteers averages 5 activities a month that benefit the greater Atlanta community as a traditional volunteer organization.  You can see over ten years of events listed in great detail with hundreds of pictures at meetup.com/atlantavolunteers.  We manage our 9,000 volunteers with no paid staff and no brick and mortar building.


Achieve a high quality of life for people with disabilities and to have fun while doing good for others. Our tagline is “Adventure with Purpose”.


Enjoy good old flag waving fun with your family, friends and community. A focus on Special Needs, First Responders, Veterans and America First adds a real purpose to sharing fun with others.


A person with a physical ability works with a person who has intellectual ability to create an Ability Team. By combining the strengths of their diverse abilities an ability team can equal or surpass the function of a person with no disabilities.

A book called “The Ability Revolution” describes the vision. You can download this as a free pdf or buy it on Amazon. The website theabilityrevolution.com gives you more information. The book is a business plan for transition, training, employment and housing for special populations. Crowd sourced video production, inventions, special zoning and transparent accounting are also described in the book.


Guide an ability team to becomes state certified and gainfully employed to provide CNA care to other people with disabilities.


By utilizing our own medical director we can employ therapists and other professionals at the vocational group home to oversee the education and vocation of adults with disabilities. Two business models are used. One for a nonprofit and the other for profit. 

We haved changed the zoning on residential land to allow a business and a group home to occupy the same space. We will develop education and vocation plans that achieve our goals with what we call a “vocational group home”. Permits have been obtained and our footer has been poured.


Simple transparency for public ledgers. “Comical, easy to use pirate themed activites lets honest sailors catch lying theiving pirates.” We use pirate themed activities (Sailors VS Pirates) as a fun way to teach you how to search public ledgers and spot waste and fraud. This enables you to improve the efficiency of public ledgers and the spending of the public money.


A giant floating USA flag that flips (mutinies) to become a “Thin Blue Line”, (or other flags) illustrates our brand of patriotism with a pirate theme for our aquatic and sailing programs.


A crowd sourced 30 episode TV series has a different team improving the quality of life for their special needs hero each episode.  Interactive marketing enables sponsors to get real time results from their campaigns as viewers use their cell phones to react instantly to advertising campaigns that support the heroes of that episode. You can see a trailer for the pilot episode at https://piratedivebar.com

An exciting event that we will try again soon are the USA Rescue Games. http://usarescuegames.com

The focus of the USA Rescue Games is health and safety for aquatic sports.  A secondary focus is to employ people with disabilities to be vendors, entrepreneurs and TV broadcasters for the Rescue Games.

Featured Link! https://piratedivebar.com Pirate themed events that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities

We use a variety of websites to organize the Atlanta Volunteers.

Atlantavolunteers.org to give a splash page for our organization

Meetup.com/atlantavolunteers to organize our 9,000 members and weekly events

hours.atlantavolunteers.org to plan, track and verify community service hours

Theabilityrevolution.com to explain our mission and business plan