FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. (doing business as the Atlanta Volunteers) is a sports nonprofit that also has a large community engagement.

The Atlanta Volunteers averages 5 activities a month that benefit the greater Atlanta community as a traditional volunteer organization.  You can see over ten years of events listed in great detail with hundreds of pictures at meetup.com/atlantavolunteers.  We manage our 9,000 volunteers with no paid staff and no brick and mortar building.

A premiere event that we are creating and hosting is the first annual USA Rescue Games.  This will be on Fathers Day, June 20,  2021 at Hearthstone Community Center.

The focus of the USA Rescue Games is health and safety for aquatic sports.  A secondary focus is to employ people with disabilities to be vendors, entrepreneurs and TV broadcasters for the Rescue Games.

We use a variety of websites to organize the Atlanta Volunteers.

Atlantavolunteers.org to give a splash page for our organization

Meetup.com/atlantavolunteers to organize our 9,000 members and weekly events

hours.atlantavolunteers.org to plan, track and verify community service hours

Theabilityrevolution.com to explain our mission and business plan

Tropicaladventurecompetion.com to organize a weekly broadcast

Saltlifetrivia.com to organize trivia games that advertise our events

Saltlifeschool.com to organize aquatic instruction such as swimming, scuba, lifeguarding, and sailing